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Pinched Nerves

If the “pinched” nerve is caused by a muscle spasm, then physical therapy and massage may address the problem. If the muscle spasm was caused by a joint that is out of place, chiropractic adjustments will be recommended. If a disc injury or something more serious is involved, more aggressive treatment may be needed to address your pain and the cause of your symptoms. In some cases, additional testing such as nerve conduction velocity studies may be indicated to detect signs of nerve injury.

Ordinarily, whatever the cause, proper function returns to the affected nerve once the compression is relieved, which results in the abatement of pain and other symptoms. Short term nerve compression rarely leads to complications, however long-term nerve compression or severe compression left untreated may lead to serious complications, such as chronic pain, permanent nerve damage, and loss of function. That is why, as with most other medical conditions, early diagnosis and treatment is imperative, not only for quick and complete healing and pain relief to occur but to avoid more serious damage.

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