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About The Doctors

Collegeville Chiropractic Doctor

Dr. Hank Finkel

Hank Finkel, DC, is an honors graduate from the University Of Bridgeport College Of Chiropractic with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. His professional passion is in the area of pyschoneuroimmunology or “how the mind affects the body and the effect that relationship has on the immune system”. This led to a certification in biofeedback training in 1988.

Dr. Hank is a certified practitioner of Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). This unique technique draws on the principals of energy medicine and combines Applied Kinesiology with Acupressure to treat allergies that may result in a wide host of physical, mental or emotional conditions.

Dr. Hank is also a Reiki Master in the Japanese Usui tradition. He taught kinesiology at the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy. His interests range from meditation, yoga and Tai Chi to music, photography and backpacking. Familiar with the principles of energy medicine, guided imagery, and psychotherapy, he frequently clients draw connections with these techniques as they work with physical issues.

Dr. Rita A. Ciccarone

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